"Advancement Through Engineering"

Welcome to Legacy Press Company, LLC.

Legacy Press Company is bringing a different mindset to the table when it comes to the design and manufacturing of Narrow Web presses.("Advancement through Engineering").

We are building the most flexible, desirable, simple to operate, easy to own Narrow Web Flexographic Printing presses the industry has ever seen.

Legacy Press Company is the first American Flexographic Press Manufacturers to design and build a line of presses that are completely modular and have the ability of going from a one color press to a ten color press in minutes as one of its unique features with the PODS (Pull Out Deck System). Not only can you move print units around you can also move die stations to any location on the press or put multiple die units on one press for special converting needs and when done go back to your normal set up.

Some of the other unique capabilities are as follows:

            Overhead Rail System
            Reregister Capability
            Angle adjusting Doctor Blade System    
            The ability to adapt to most tooling

Leading the way through engineering allows Legacy Press Company to achieve goals and capabilities such as these without the use of PLC's or any high-tech electronics.

Legacy Press Company is confident that we will be able to bring bigger, better and more affordable ideas to the industry through engineering than our competitors can through technology.

Thank you for taking the time to find out who we are and what we do.



******   Patents Pending   ******

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